• Promote facilities online
  • Provide online reservations
  • Accept payments online
  • Reduce marketing costs

Facility Reservations Made Easy
Feel like your facilities are under-utilized or, worse yet, over-booked? MuniSignUp makes it easy to schedule your facilities, streamline the rental process, and increase your bottom line.
24/7 Online Reservations
We live in a 24/7 society where convenience is key. Never miss out on an after-hours reservation request again! With MuniSignUp, customers can research your facilities, check the calendar for availability, agree to your rental terms, and book their reservation in minutes. By computer, tablet, or phone, MuniSignUp gives you a 24/7 reservation desk that lets you serve your customers whenever and wherever they need you.
Time-Saving Convenience
MuniSignUp puts your customers in the driver’s seat, allowing them to research your facilities, check availability and prices, and complete a reservation without even making a phone call. This streamlined self-serve model frees up your staff and reduces errors like overbooking and incomplete documents.
Streamlined Payment Processing
With integrated online payments, you no longer have to deal with cash handling. Your customers quickly and securely pay for their reservations online, instantly completing the transaction. No more waiting for checks to come in—or worse yet, partially processed unpaid reservations.
Facility Promotion and Increased Rentals
In addition to availability calendars, cost information, hours of operation, and online reservation forms, MuniSignUp helps you promote your facilities with brochure-style pages highlighting each facility’s features and amenities. With photos, floor plans, rental agreements, and more all in one place, your customers can quickly research a facility, make a reservation, and pay any time.
Save Money and Resources
Printing and mailing brochures, booklets, and applications is expensive and time-consuming. For every customer that researches and reserves your facilities online, you can trim your budget and put those funds toward other uses.


  • Online Reservations
  • Inhouse Reservations
  • Add-on options (i.e. add party packages, equipment, and other options to facility reservations)
  • Automatically charge credit cards or require staff review before charging
  • E-mail notification for all reservations
  • Resident/non-resident fees
  • Member/non-member fees


100% Web Based (no software to install)

No transaction fees on free events/activities

No long term contract


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